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"Keep Kids Safe" - Child Safety Awareness

"Keep Kids Safe" -Awareness of Blind Cord Dangers

Our company has a strong passion to make kids safe from blind and shade cord strangulation. Almost every day we observe a home or business that has a window treatment that can be unsafe for children under 7 years old, or small pets (We know some people's pets are like kids to them to).

Our "Keep Kids Safe" awareness program was designed to help make people aware of these very dangers. We want to help childproof your blinds against unsafe blind cord loops and blind cord hazzards.

Many people are not aware that there are even dangers in their home or business to their kids, or they would do something about it. The majority of accidents that happen related to blind and shade cords are because the parent, or person responsible for watching the child, wasn't even aware there was a danger in the first place.


The first thing to do is spread the word and ask people if they know their window treatments are safe for their kids.  They most likely will say, "how do I know?". This is how...

We've created 3 questions you can ask yourself, another family member,  friend, or co-worker that has children.

1) Are there ever children around in the environment where you have corded blinds or shades?

2) Do you have any window treatments that have cords or chains that form a loop that aren't attached to the wall or window jamb?

3) Do you have any cords on your blinds or shades that are tied in knots?


The next step is to take action! 

PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT (734) 800-9927 FOR A FREE INSPECTION which we will provide if its in our coverage area, or we will refer you to another knowledgeable certified installer in your area.

Help us keep your kids safe and pass this on. Awareness is the start!

Thank You